Polkadot Cupcake Shop

We’re so excited to feature our first web-based cupcake delivery shop here on the NYCupcake Guide. Polkadot Cupcake Shop is based in NJ, and delivers to the NJ/NYC Metro area. We had the privilege to meet founder and baker extraordinaire, Arlene, at the recent Cupcakes Take the Cake picnic in Central Park, and we assure you she is as lovely as her creations :)

Cookie Dough (June’s Cupcake of the Month)

We bit into this and just about melted from its goodness. Vanilla chocolate chip cake, filled with (eggless) chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with a vanilla cookie dough frosting. Move over, Ben & Jerry! The cake is super moist, and the cookie dough flavors are spot on. The perfect balance of vanilla and chocolate and…dough. But somehow it wasn’t too sweet. It’s a winner in our book!

Cookies N Cream

The first words out of my mouth to Eric were, “Shut. Up.” This might be our favorite cookies ‘n cream ever. An actual Oreo is baked into the cake – it totally gives the cupcake the “wow” factor. The cake is moist and the Oreo vanilla frosting is delicious and not too sweet. If you like Oreos, you will LOVE this cupcake.

Strawberry & Champagne

Decadent. Full of life. Pink. What more can we say? Champagne-infused white cake topped with champagne-infused strawberry frosting. Now, I’m not usually a strawberry lover, but Polkadot has turned me. The cake was perfectly moist, the balance of strawberry with a not-too-sweet champagne in the frosting was delectable. This is a cupcake that should be at any and every celebration!

Summer Fling

**Disclaimer: Neither one of us likes coconut; Eric won’t go near the stuff at all. If you like coconut, you’ll really enjoy this light, summery cupcake — Vanilla cake topped with real coconut. I may not be a coconut fan, but I can totally respect this cupcake. Cake was moist; it wasn’t overly sweet. Definitely yummy for those who love coconut :)

Red Velvet

Polkadot does a very traditional red velvet cupcake. The cake was moist, though we both would have liked a little more cocoa flavor. And the cream cheese frosting was spot on. Exactly what you would expect from a red velvet cupcake.

Our takeaway: We think Arlene has a fabulous thing going at Polkadot Cupcake Shop! She really shines with the “fun” flavors, and our favorites (in no particular order) were the Cookies ‘n Cream, Cookie Dough and Champagne & Strawberry. Bring those babies to a party, and you’ll win over the crowd for sure!

She also offers fun things like Cupcake Kits and Cupcake of the Month Club! Learn more about Polkadot and how you can order at http://www.polkadotcupcakeshop.com/

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